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How to Care for Gardenias. The gardenia, also called the cape jasmine, is one of the most fragrant flowers the home gardener can grow, but it presents a number of challenges. Gardenias need a specific soil acidity, plenty of water and...


Gardenia plants are most commonly planted as solitary specimens, although they also make ideal border plantings. Gardenias are prized for the fragrant white flowers they produce during late spring and early summer. They require only basic care to grow and flower in temperate regions of the United States.


Healthy gardenia plants are better able to withstand winter weather, and will oftentimes come back stronger in spring. Indoor Gardenia Care. The gardenia plant can also be successfully grown in containers and treated like houseplants indoors. However, when growing a gardenia bush indoors, you must keep in mind that it requires bright light and ...


A gardenia bush (Gardenia jasminoides) needs rich, acidic, well-draining soil, and medium amounts of water and fertilizer during the growing season whether you grow the plant indoors or out.


Care Instructions Gardenia Bonsai. Gardenia Bonsai The gardenia bonsai plant is a dwarf variety of Gardenia jasminoides. It is a low growing evergreen plant with glossy, deep green leaves, bearing fragrant white flowers in late spring through summer. Placement:


Care of Indoor Gardenia. Once you have found a good place for your gardenia indoors, your next challenge is moderating the humidity. This is especially challenging during the winter when the indoor heat kicks in. The drying nature of most heat can cause a once beautiful gardenia to fall to pieces, literally.


Learn How to Grow and Care for Your Gardenia Growing Gardenias, Caring for Gardenias, Planting Gardenias. Previous Next. Beloved for their intoxicating fragrance and attractive, waxy, creamy-white flowers contrasting beautifully with their shiny, leathery, dark green leaves, Gardenias are irresistible heat-loving evergreen shrubs or trees ...


Gardenia is best known for their fragrant white flowers, gardenias are heat-loving evergreen shrubs that have become a gardening symbol in the Southeast. Another common name is cape jasmine. About gardenias Plant gardenias near a deck or window where you can enjoy the flowers' fragrance. The plants grow from 2 to 8 feet tall and wide, depending on the variety.


A cardboard box large enough to cover the shrub without bending the branches is a must when temperatures drop. Gardenia winter care in areas that experience snow includes protecting the branches from the weight of heavy snow accumulation. Cover the plant with a cardboard box to prevent the weight of the snow from breaking the branches.


A gardenia bush with yellow leaves is a common problem and can be very difficult to ultimately fix. If, after your best efforts, your gardenia still does not survive, don’t be too hard on yourself. Even master gardeners with years of experience can lose gardenia bushes despite their best efforts. Gardenias are a beautiful but fragile plant.