In most cases, the community or township associations in counties and townships arrange for the weekly garbage collection in their communities. Households in farther rural areas can also pay a private garbage service to ... More » Home & Garden

Residents can use a variety of memory tricks to remember to put the garbage out, including cellphone alerts, whiteboard chore schedules, sticky-note reminders and sharing the responsibility with family members or roommat... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Each state has its own garbage schedule that can be accessed from the city's government website. Each department responsible for collecting refuse is called something different in every city. New York City refers to it a... More » Business & Finance Industries

By composting, recycling and making periodic trips to the nearest landfill, you can handle trash in rural areas without a garbage pick-up service. Most U.S. counties and states restrict trash burning to yard waste such a... More » Home & Garden

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Currently, there is no fee for residential garbage pickup in New York City, as of 2015. The money to pay for garbage disposal comes from taxes. At $251 a ton, or $500 per household, New York City garbage collection is th... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Township maps are often available online at the website of individual townships, such as the detailed maps of the area offered by the Charter Township of Waterford in Michigan. State websites, such as the Pennsylvania Hi... More » Geography Maps & Cartography