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Customers who need a trim kit for a Frigidaire microwave can purchase the parts from Sears, Best Buy or Menards, as of 2015. These companies provide the kits in local stores as well as online through their online marketplaces and offer free shipping to stores for purcha...


Frigidaire is owned by Swedish manufacturer Electrolux, and it produces appliances for both brand names. The company began in 1919 and was owned by General Motors until being sold in 1979 to White Sewing Machine Company, which was later bought by Electrolux.


Frigidaire products are made in the United States and Mexico by a company called Electrolux. Frigidaire is a brand name that is used for several products, such as refrigerators, ovens, ranges, dishwashers and freezers.


Frigidaire appliances are manufactured by its parent company, Electrolux, at factories located in the United States and Mexico. Since 1996, Electrolux's U.S. manufacturing facilities are ISO9000 certified.


A Frigidaire product registration is used by Frigidaire to provide owners of their products with updates on any warranty or product information changes. This registration provides the company's product owners with access to support resources that are only available in t...


AB Electrolux of Sweden makes Frigidaire and all of Frigidaire's products as of 2015. AB Electrolux purchased Frigidaire in 1986 from White Consolidated Industries, the company that bought Frigidaire from General Motors in 1979.


Frigidaire top-freezer refrigerator units that range in size from 15- to 18-cubic-feet are made in Anderson, South Carolina. Frigidaire freezers are made in St. Cloud, Minnesota. All other Frigidaire refrigerators are built in Juarez, Mexico.