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GameStop has a huge selection of new and used games at fantastic prices. Save by trading your old video games at over 6,000 store locations worldwide.


GameStop bought the chain in late 2013, and they have a few hundred stores scattered across the country. Cricket is a mobile carrier that recently tied its fortunes together with AT&T’s no ...


Gamestop Closing List A list of recently closed Gamestop stores in the United States, intended only for informational purposes. Is in no way affiliated with Gamestop or its subsidiaries; all information is publicly on their website's store locator and has simply been compiled.


There are currently at least five just in San Francisco that I know of, and probably another 30 Gamestop stores within 20 minutes of here in different directions. Hell, I know of a mall south of here that has two stores inside the mall, one on the upper level and another on the ground floor.


Looks like GameStop is switching teams and going full tech. As part of GameStop and AT&Ts’ partnership GameStop will be closing around 130 video game stores to make way for their 300 to 400 tech-centered stores.


This year, GameStop plans to open 65 Technology Brand stores and 35 Collectibles stores and will close 2% to 3% of its GameStop stores, which amounts to at least 150 stores.


Videogame chain GameStop Corp., hit hard by a shift to digital downloads, plans to close at least 150 stores this year and expand non-gaming businesses. Sales and earnings fell by double digits in ...


"Business challenges and increased governmental restraints" led GameStop to shutter its Puerto Rican locations.


In April, the retailer began the process of closing about 400 stores in order to focus on its more successful locations. RadioShack – 1,000 stores After 96 years in business, consumer electronics retailer RadioShack will have just 70 corporate and 500 dealer stores nationwide — down from 7,300 at its peak.


Efforts by GameStop to drum up business — through the phenomenon that was Pokemon Go and diversifying its portfolio by acquiring more than 500 new AT&T dealer stores — were no match for ...