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According to the website Job Applications, GameStop employees must be at least 16 years old. Applicants seeking managerial positions typically must be 18 years or older and possess at least one year of previous retail management experience.


Not all GameStop stores have the same hours. However, the company website has a store locator at http://www.gamestop.com/browse/storesearch.aspx that allows people to find both the address and hours of the nearest GameStop site.


Find a GameStop location by visiting GameStop.com, clicking on the Find a Store link on the top of the home page, and entering your city and state or ZIP code in the search box before clicking the red arrow button. The website then displays available stores in the specified area.


GameStop provides a wide variety of compensation for trading in games, depending on some different factors. The first is whether or not the customer wants to return games for cash or store credit. Store credit will always be greater than cash.


One way to find out when retail stores are being closed down is to look on business news websites like CNBC and Yahoo Finance. Another way is to check the company's official website's news section for details on any closures taking place. As of 2015, some retailers that are closing some stores inclu


Applicants for jobs at GameStop are able to fill out an online application form on the GameStop website. Alternatively, they can download and print out a paper application and present it at a GameStop store or visit a store, request an application form and fill it in on-site.


The salary of a GameStop manager varies, but generally falls between $39,000 and $41,000, as of April 2015. GameStop managers, like many workers, receive a base compensation accounting for the majority of their salary and potentially a supplemental bonus. The average salary estimate for GameStop man


File an online, GameStop job application by clicking the "Careers" link, on the official website for GameStop. The link is found at the bottom of the home page at GameStop.com. The link redirects to a secure site where applicants can submit forms for corporate, distribution and in-store positions.


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