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GameStop, which has 5,700 stores worldwide, has not released a store closing list yet.


GameStop announces that it plans to close over 300 stores this year to meet or exceed the number of stores it closed in 2019. By Callum Williams Mar 27, 2020 Share Share Tweet Email


GameStop is closing hundreds of more stores this year. Like most, GameStop is having a rough 2020. While the retailer expected the release of next-gen consoles -- PS5 and Xbox Series X -- to turn ...


The company has made several attempts to reduce operating costs, chiefly by closing stores. The rebranding of several stores to focus more on eSports, collectibles and other niches has also been done to help bring in more revenue. According to the Q3 filings, GameStop posted an adjusted loss of $83.4 million for the quarter in 2019, they still have a ways to go to turn things around.


GameStop will be closing more stores than their estimate in March of this year. The estimate was 320 and now on September 9, during an earnings call, it came up that around 400-450 of the 5,122 stores now open will be closed.


A list of recently closed Gamestop stores in the United States, intended only for informational purposes. Is in no way affiliated with Gamestop or its subsidiaries; all information is publicly on their website's store locator and has simply been compiled. Sunday, August 2, 2020.


The closures come after the company closed 320 stores globally in fiscal 2019. GameStop saw sales drop by 26% in the fourth quarter, but the company made $1.27 per share ($109 million) on $2.2 ...


James Bell, GameStop’s chief financial officer, told investors that the closures will affect between 180 and 200 “underperforming” stores between now and the end of 2019.


Store temporarily closed 1620 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122


There wont be one for at least a week or two. Seeing as how OP found out today, I'm sure theres plenty of people/stores that havent even found out they're closing yet. If April brings another round, I assume the closure announcements happen over the next week or two, which is when a list will be compiled.