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Ok, so I stupidly knocked over the Galileo thermometer that was sitting on top of a shelf, and managed to cut myself a little with the glass too while I was picking up all the mess. A little later I was noticed that the room smelt a bit funny now, especially where the thermometer smashed. I always thought that is was only water in it but I ...


Other glass thermometers contain a colored liquid that contains alcohol. This liquid can cause irritation or a burning sensation in the mouth that will go away after rinsing with water. If your child breaks a glass thermometer, do not panic. Call the Missouri Poison Center for assistance at 1-800-222-1222.


Common to all the liquid-in-glass thermometers is the potential for injury from the broken glass. Studies of children in emergency rooms have noted injury to the mouth, rectum, and ear from broken thermometer glass. Otherwise the potential toxicity from these broken thermometers depends on the type of liquid used.


The base of a Galileo thermometer is filled with regular water. The colored orbs inside of the thermometer are glass bubbles filled with colored water. A Galileo thermometer is an accurate thermometer. Today, however, these thermometers are mostly used for decoration. Forces of gravity and buoyancy act on objects submerged in water.


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Best Answer: A Galileo Thermometer contains no mercury. Usually, the clear fluid in the tube is just water. The colored bulbs may occasionally contain some alcohol, or food coloring. The broken glass is the most dangerous thing you face in cleaning it up. Opening the window should allow the room to vent out ...


Thank you for your purchase of the Ambient Weather WS-YG737S-RD Galileo Thermometer and Admiral Fitzroy Storm Glass. The following is a guide for preparation, care and operation of your storm glass. 2. The Storm Glass How this storm glass really works is a mystery, but it is believed that electromagnetic changes in


The liquid in the Galileo Thermometer cylinders is completely sealed and can be safely displayed in your home. By following a few basic guidelines, you can enjoy this product for a lifetime. Keep out of reach of small children and pets.


Thank you for your purchase of the Ambient Weather WS-YG901 Galileo Thermometer and Glass Fluid Barometer. The following is a guide for preparation, care and operation of your traditional barometer and thermometer. 2. Preparation You will need food coloring to color the water in the storm glass. Any color is fine, based on personal taste.


HRW-038, Rev. D, 03/25/13 MSDS MIG thermometers HRW-038.doc 1 of 4 234 OLD WEAVERVILLE ROAD, ASHEVILLE, NC 28804-1228, U.S.A. E-Mail: info@palmerwahl.com MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET FOR MERCURY-IN-GLASS THERMOMETER