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Manufacturer coupons available by mail include those from Aleve, Birds Eye Foods, Bounce, ConAgra Foods and General Mills. Manufacturers place customers on their mailing lists after customer contact by phone or email.


One way consumers can get manufacturer's coupons mailed to them is to write to the manufacturer directly expressing interest in the product. Customers can also send inquiries via email, or by posting on social media sites.


One tip for finding printable Gain detergent coupons is visiting the company website at P&G Everyday. Once on the website, users can visit the coupon section. Additionally, users can search various discount and deals websites.


In general, Costco does not accept manufacturer's coupons, according to its membership privileges and conditions page. Only coupons that are distributed by Costco are accepted.


Get free, printable manufacturer's coupons by visiting coupon websites, going to store websites and following couponing blogs. These three sources compile coupons in one place, making clipping and saving simple.


Revlon gives manufacturer coupons on different products at different points of the year. These coupons can include a specific dollar amount off of new products, such as Revlon Luxurious Buttersilk hair color, or a percentage amount off of a popular make up, such as Colorstay Liquid Makeup.


The manufacturer does offer coupons on the company's official website for customers to print out, according to Huggies. Customers can find and print out coupons for a variety of Huggies brand diapers, including Slip-Ons, Snugglers and Movers.


Colgate manufacturer coupons work for the products listed on the coupon. Most coupons are for a specific type of product or line of products. If none is listed, it is used on any Colgate product.


Obtain coupons for Gain laundry detergent by visiting the brand's official page on PGEveryDay.com. Alternately, check the coupons page of retailers such as Walmart.com or search coupon aggregate sites such as CouponSherpa.com, as of 2015. The discount amount, restrictions and availability of the cou


Colgate publishes manufacturer coupons from time to time in local papers via inserts such as SmartSource. The value of the coupons often ranges from 50 cents to $1 off the product.