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Jill Swaggart is an American associate pastor of the Family Worship Center who is widely known for being the wife of Gabriel Swaggart. Her husband Gabriel is the host of the globally known weekly Generation of the Cross show on SonLife Broadcasting Network. Age of Jill Swaggart. Well, Jill Swaggart’s actual date of birth under review.


Donnie Swaggart Children. The couple has two sons Gabriel Swaggart, Matthew Swaggart, and a daughter, Jennifer Swaggart who is a teacher with a Masters in Education. Jennifer lives in Atlanta Georgia with her husband Cliff and their two children; a daughter, Harper, and son Harrison Brooks.


Proud parents of three children, Gabriel, Mathew and Jennifer, Donnie and Debbie are also grandparents to eight grandchildren. Gabriel Swaggart and his wife Jill, who head the Crossfire Youth Ministry ( Part of Family Worship Center ), have three daughters, Samantha-Gabrielle, Abby-Jill and Caroline Frances.


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Jill Swaggart is the wife of Pastor Gabriel Swaggart. Gabriel is also a Television actor. Gabriel is the son of the great singer, author, pastor Jimmy Swaggart. Gabriel also has a brother named Donnie Swaggart. Gabriel and Donnie both are preachers. All the three generations of the Swaggart family have become involved in the same work.


Donnie was married to Debbie Swaggart for many years - their older son Gabriel was born in 1984. The story is that he divorced her, married Judy, then divorced Judy and remarried Debbie ...


Gabriel Swaggart (born September 19, 1979) is famous for being tv show host. He currently resides in Louisiana, United States. Pastor and host of the internationally known weekly Sonlife Broadcasting Network show Generation of the Cross, which discusses topics of particular interest to youth.


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I have followed the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for many years. I've even been to his church and enjoyed it. But lately I heard that Donnie Swaggart was divorced, then remarried and now he's divorcing this second wife. Then I also heard that the Swaggart's own a fleet of six Mercedes-Benz cars. Must be one each for Jimmy, his wife, Donnie, whatever wife he has at the present, Gabriel, an...


Gabriel Swaggart should be concerned! Because when it comes down to defining “the spirit” that’s in “the photo”, it doesn’t take too awful much discernment to establish the fact that it ain’t the Holy Spirit in those singers that purportedly honor God through their “praise and worship”.