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In general, the residential natural gas pressure is less than 1/4 pound per square inch. In areas where the distribution pipeline pressure is greater than the residential pressure, the meter includes a regulator to decrease it to the correct operating range.


The average residential prices for natural gas vary based on the state. In July 2015, the average was $11.68 per 1000 cubic feet in California, $24.58 in Florida, $13.65 in Michigan and $11.33 in Delaware.


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, South Dakota had the lowest average residential price for natural gas as of December 2014, at $7.86 per thousand cubic feet. North Dakota and Oklahoma were in second and third place, respectively, with prices of $7.95 and $8.16.


To install a residential gas line, turn off the house's gas using the valve next to the gas meter, and then extend the existing gas line to the new appliance using black pipe, valves and couplings. Connect the line to the appliance using a flexible pipe, and check every seam in the pipeline using so


To compare natural gas rates between competing providers, visit the website of the state agency in your state that oversees that region's gas market. Some state agencies publish current rates from different providers. To compare different rates within the same company, visit that company's website t


Natural gas companies, such as Norwich Public Utilities, IGS Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, Liberty Utilities and Cascade Natural Gas, usually post gas rates on their company websites. Companies such as Cascade Gas also provide charts you can use to compare gas rates and savings between rival compani


Customers can learn to install residential gas piping by visiting the manufacturer's website and downloading the installation instructions, or they can view the instructions through county websites, as noted on the TracPipe and King County Public Health websites. Some areas require homeowners to emp


Both copper and plastic are acceptable for running a natural gas line in a residential home. Home Depot lists both as acceptable in their Buying Guide for Selecting the Right Pipe for Your Project. However, the choice may depend on your local codes.


The best way for home or business owners to calculate natural gas rates is to use a rate calculator provided by companies such as South Jersey Gas, GasGeorgia and Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania. The cost of gas and gas service can vary from one service provider to another so it is very difficult to us


The company South Gas offers natural gas in Atlanta, Georgia, while the Atlanta Gas Light Company is the utility that distributes natural gas to the city's individual consumers. Besides Atlanta, South Gas provides natural gas to much of the state of Georgia. It also operates in Florida.