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To locate short-term furnished apartments for rent, visit accommodation rental specialist sites, such as Sublet.com, Execustay.com or the accommodation section of CraigsList.com. Alternatively, vacation rental sites such as AirBnB.com and VRBO.com feature a range of furnished accommodations that may


To rent a furnished apartment, look at multiple resources, including online advertisements, corporate housing websites and general apartment listing websites; Apartment Guide, CorporateHousing.com, Rent.com and Craigslist are good places to start searching. Most furnished apartments are listed as sh


Benefits of renting furnished apartments by the month include easy moving, no long commitment and no need to buy furniture. Furnished apartments are a good choice when facing a time crunch before the move; some even include tableware and shower curtains. These types of leases are good for students a


To find furnished homes for rent, use word of mouth, learn how to work rental websites, hire agency services and take advantage of social media. Researching carefully through online resources and talking to rental experts is a good way to ensure ideal results with regards to finding an ideal house,


A furnished apartment includes essential furnishings for day-to-day living. Because what is considered essential can vary greatly depending on needs, it is prudent to inspect a furnished apartment for suitability or obtain a list of furnishings before agreeing to a tenancy.


Websites such as Apartments.com, ApartmentGuide.com and ForRent.com allow users to search for furnished apartments, according to SFGate and Apartment Guide. Other online outlets for finding furnished apartments include Craigslist.org and ApartmentFinder.com, states ApartmentRatings. Potential tenant


There are several ways for people to find apartments for rent, which include, utilizing online search tools and searching through local paper publications. Apartments can also be located by asking for recommendations from family and friends.


Furnished studio apartments typically include a sofa, dining set, bed, dresser and a desk. These are basic necessities for seating, eating and sleeping. Due to the limited amount of space in most studio apartments, multi-functional furniture is purposeful.


Some advantages of renting a furnished condominium include a simplified moving process, saving money on purchasing furniture and potentially obtaining a shorter lease term. Some disadvantages include loss of control over decorating options, a higher risk of losing a portion of the deposit upon movin


Effective ways to find short-term lease apartments include getting in touch with real estate companies, contacting vacation rental home companies, and considering corporate housing, notes SFGate. A person can also check local colleges and universities to see if there are student apartments offered t