Some funny basketball team names include "Gang Green," "Geeks N Sneaks," "Big Ballers," "Caucasian Invasion," "Dribbling Seamen," "Jump Balls," "Make It Drizzle," "WTF Are You Ewing," "Nothing But Nets" and "Jailblazers"... More »

Whether for online gaming or office holiday competitions, funny Christmas team names, such as "the Ho Ho Hoes" or "the Wizened Wine Militia," encourages team spirit. Planning ahead for holiday fun helps gamers claim the ... More »

Taste the Rainbow, Naughty Riders, Pitches Be Crazy, Ain't that a Beach and Burn this Pitch Down are a few examples of some funny co-ed team names. These team names are usually created using a popular saying, movie title... More »

Basketball posters are different in many respects and may contain a variety of information, including player names, team names, nicknames, highlights, season schedules, team sponsors, advertisements, statistics, mottos, ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Basketball

Good basketball team names include the Trail Blazers, 76ers and Celtics. Factors that influence the quality of a team name include how the name sounds and how it ties into history of the team's location. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Basketball

In basketball, a team earns points when one of its players successfully shoots the ball through the opponent's hoop. The game has various fouls, which can result in free throws, change of possession or other consequences... More »

To keep score in basketball, add one point to a team's score for every made free throw, two points for every made basket and three points for every made three pointer. Certain basketball variations have different scoring... More »