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Different people find different things funny and therefore funny questions are subjective; however, one question that people might find funny is, "Do you have any pet peeves?" Another funny question might be, "Would you rather spend a year on a sailboat or a year in a submarine?"


Some funny questions and their answers are: "How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?" and the answer is, "concrete floors are very hard to crack!" and "How can a man go eight days without sleep?" and its answer is, "he sleeps at night." Another is "Why it is impossible


High school age kids are jokers, so a silly question such as, "What if Batman gets bitten by a vampire?" is the perfect thing to ask them. Suggested by Wattpad, this question combines two popular icons - Batman and vampires - into a single, silly question.


Funny trick questions are often related to logic, as in the following example: If a farmer had 15 sheep and all but eight died, how many sheep are left? The answer is the eight sheep that didn't die. People expect to have to do math with problems like that, making this a trick question.


Funny logic questions require the solver to think through the problem, but the answer is often a surprise. For instance, "You are in a pitch black cave and have one match, an oil lamp, a candle and a newspaper. What do you light first? The match!" Another example is, "Three men were caught in the ra


One classic funny quiz questions is: What is an example of a non-vulgar four-letter word ending in "k" that means "intercourse?" The answer: Talk. The humour in this question lies in the fact that another word immediately springs to mind; much of the power of humor comes from setting up expectations


Some funny questions can take advantage of popular slogans or catchphrases or ask something awkward about the person reading it. For instance, ask "Where's Waldo?" or "What is the worst gift you have ever received?"


Playing trivia games is a popular, fun way for a group of people with varied interests to spend some time together. When the questions involve amusing answers on a wide variety of topics, anyone has the chance answer correctly, and everyone has a few laughs and a good time. The following entertainin


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Examples of fun questions to ask a friend include "If you could marry a cartoon character who would it be? Why?" and "What did you most get into trouble for when you were younger?" Another example is "Which movie title would best depict your life story? Why?"