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Christmas Letter 1999. Welcome to this year's edition of the famous Darlington family Christmas letter - now in its 21st year. We borrowed the idea from our good friend Father Charles Urnick of the USA who started his series of annual letters in 1973 and now sends out an amazing 16-page booklet complete with photographs and jokes.


My favorite dark, twisted (and funny!) Christmas letter. Laurel, my wife, has a friend with a deliciously cynical sense of humor. Every year Nancy, which may or may not be her real name, sends out "The Dreaded Christmas Newsletter." ...


We all hate them, we all mock them and some of us actually take the time to write them. It’s the annual bragging Christmas letter, that we send to family and other people we want to feel superior to. I present to you this year’s edition of the Christmas card letter as written from a wife’s point of view:


How to write an amazing Christmas letter. It’s not secret, I LOVE writing and receiving Christmas letters. ... It was a really funny story (read it here), but writing it out would take up too much of our letter, so I kept that part to 3 sentences in order to include more details about other things. ...


It’s Health Care. I think that this Christmas letter would be the most perfect place to talk about my version of the Affordable Care Act, don’t you? I’ve thought the matter over quite a lot this year and I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I am going to need to create my own health care program.


Funny Christmas Letter Ideas Biography One of my favorite parts of this time of year is receiving humble brag Christmas/holiday letters. You know, those pretty little “here’s what our family has been up to” letters, printed on Crane’s stationary and tucked in custom-made holiday cards, which are naturally adorned with perfect family ...


Now on to my annual gift: for the families, I sincerely hope you heeded the advice on the envelope and are reading this aloud before your encircled family on Christmas Eve. For the single or unhappily married women, I hope you are reading this alone and in the nude, as I stipulated. ... You may recall that in my last Christmas letter, ...


I’ve done 18 years worth of amusing letters….always looking for a new idea. I’ve done a fake police report with the various family members, t’was the night before Christmas type poem, a funny multiple choice quiz, a Roseboom tart recipe, our dog describing the family on an instagram page type format, A Little House on the Prairie Theme, a Dr.Seuss poem, A “How Many Kings” Christmas ...


And, lucky for us, a good chunk of them write unintentionally funny, strange, and charming letters to Santa Claus on Christmas. Below are 32 “Dear Santa” letters from some silly, sweet, and ...


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