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According to British humor researcher Richard Wiseman, the funniest animal in the world is the duck. Of course, because humor is so subjective, some people may disagree. People do seem to find animals funny in general, though it may be what the animal does rather than what it is that people find so


Two of the highest-grossing animated features, as of October 2015, are “Frozen” and “Minions.” They are both critically acclaimed for being hilarious and having a happy theme.


Find pictures and videos of animal babies online by searching the image databases of National Geographic and Animal Planet. Alternatively, use YouTube to find user-uploaded videos of animal babies. View the content on all three websites for free and without signing up for an account.


The funniest movies of all time include "Dumb & Dumber," "Caddyshack," "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," "Napoleon Dynamite" and "The Big Lebowski." Boston.com rated 1978's "Animal House," starring John Belushi and Karen Allen, as the funniest movie of all time.


YouTube offers a variety of humorous animal videos posted by users from all over the world. Type "funny animal videos" in the search bar to find a list of the videos.


The first episode of "America's Funniest Home Videos" aired on Nov. 26, 1989. It was a one-hour special episode that aired before the start of actual first season on Jan. 14, 1990.


Some good Animals A to Z videos are "Fashionable Flamingos," "Scorpion Survival," "Into the Lion's Mouth" and "A Close Encounter with Gorillas." Other titles include "Rhinoceros Iguanas," "Black Bear Smarts," "Newfoundland" and "Spy in the Jungle: Tiger Cubs in Training." All of these videos are ava


YouTube has banned videos of animals and humans breeding if the video is intended to be sexually provocative. Nudity and sexual content can be allowed in some circumstances, such as if the content is intended for educational, scientific or other non-graphic purposes.


BBC humorists have put words to wildlife videos with hysterical results. RD.COM Humor BBC humorists have put words to wildlife videos with hysterical results. When I owned a dog, I was convinced that he and I could communicate. I thought that if I talked to him in a slow and reasonable manner, he wo


Watch videos about how the eye works; also cataract surgery, LASIK, myopia, and latest trends in eyeglasses and sunglasses. Please click on the thumbnails to watch videos. Schedule an exam All About Vision supports the efforts of Essilor Vision Foundation and OneSight to eliminate vision issues incl