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Functions of settlements - Differences between urban and rural settlement. ... Functions of Settlements As early settlements grew in size, each one tended to develop a specific function or Functions. The function of a town relates to its economic and social development and refers to its main activities.


The functions of urban settlements are as under-1. It provides goods and services to the central place. 2. The threshold population of a function is the minimum market size necessary for the function to be profitable. 3. The range of goods is the maximum distance that the consumers will travel to buy those goods or services 4.


Geography Human Settlements pdf – Rural & Urban Settlements,Functions. Settlements can broadly be divided into two types – . Rural; Urban. Some basic differences between rural and urban areas in general. The major difference between rural and urban areas is the function.


Urban Settlements 3 - Function of Urban Centres. 11 Central Place Theory. A central place is an urban settlement providing goods and services. The threshold population of a function is the minimum market size necessary for the function to be profitable.


The first urban settlement to reach a population of one million was the city of London by around. A.D. 1810. By 1982 approximately 175 cities in the world had crossed the one million population mark. Presently 48 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban settlements compared to only 3 per cent in the year 1800.


An urban settlement is a densely populated area comprising mostly man-made structures that contain all of a society's administrative, cultural, residential and religious functions. In some countries, like the Soviet Union and India, official urban municipalities may be considered an urban settlement if they meet ...


According to a 1998 law of Belarus, there are three categories of urban-type settlement in the country: . Urban settlements: with population over 2,000, industrial enterprises and developed residential infrastructure; Resort settlements: with population of at least 2,000, sanatoriums, resorts or other health recuperation establishments, and developed residential infrastructure


Human Geography Ch. 10. STUDY. PLAY. Four fundamental aspects of the role of towns and cities in human economic and social organization. Mobilizing function of urban settlement Decision-making capacity of urban settlement Generative functions of urban settlement ... Human Geography Ch. 2. 25 terms. Human Geography CH. 3. 3 terms. Human ...


A rural settlement is a community involved predominantly primary activities such as farming, lumbering and mining. A urban settlement engages in predominantly in secondary and tertiary activities such as food processing and banking. There is often correlation between functions , population sizes and population density.

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The FUNCTION of an area is its reason, job or purpose for being. In urban areas this relates to the purpose of a land use for residential areas, recreation, industry etc. The dominant function in different cities varies, for example, London is known for its function as a financial centre, whilst Newcastle is now attempting to be a science city.