Energy storage is the primary function of a capacitor. Capacitors are very common in many electronic components and come in different sizes with different capacitances. More »

Capacitors work by accumulating charge at the surface of two electrical conductors separated by an insulator in the presence of an electric potential. The positive capacitor plate accumulates positive charges, while the ... More » Science Physics Electricity

Capacitors are available at, and, as of 2015. Sears and Grainger inventories include hundreds of components including motor start, motor run and aluminum electrolytic capacitors; Best B... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

Energy storage, provision of flexible filter options, power conditioning and coupling are some applications of a capacitor. Together with resistors, capacitors are used as main elements of frequency selective filters. More »

A spherical capacitor consists of two hollow, concentric spheres of oppositely charged electrodes with an insulator in between them. Physicists consider Earth to be a huge spherical capacitor surrounded by the ionosphere... More »

Energy, the ability of a system to do work, has a variety of measurement units, but the most basic unit of energy is the joule. Named after James Joule, the joule was developed to explain the relationship between heat an... More »

Energy transfer is the conveyance of energy from one item to another; the transfer occurs among different scales and motions. Energy transfer may mean different things in different sciences. More »