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A good way to teach the circulatory system that appeals to all those kinaesthetic learners! Set the room out with six tables labelled lungs, heart, brain, legs, arms, stomach. Sit two volunteers at each table, with four at the heart, two on each side.


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Teaching the circulatory system can be fun. Watching children become more aware of their bodies and engaged in how it works can be an enriching experience. The circulatory system can be a single unit or it can be part of a larger unit on health and/or the human body. Teacher Planet offers a variety of teaching resources to help make teaching ...


I teach fifth grade. When we studied the circulatory system, I did an activity which incorporated math. It was practical and "hands-on". First, I showed the kids how to take their pulse and count the beats for 15 seconds. Then I handed out a table where they were to record measurements.


The Human Cardiovascular System - Blood & Heart - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives. Heart disease is prevalent in our society today. There are many forms of heart disease and many problems ...


Elementary School Teacher’s Resource Guide 355 ... The language and activities in this guide can be used as a tool to teach students how the heart works, why it is important to keep the heart healthy and how to be heart-healthy for life. ... This incredible process carried out by the cardiovascular system keeps all body systems functioning in ...


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The lesson will begin with the teacher engaging the students with a presentation of "How the Blood Gets Around the Body" following a think quest presentation that covers the parts and functions of the circulatory system, including the brain, veins and arteries, heart and blood. Students will explore blood vessels by watching a short video clip, conducting a hands-on investigation about b...


The heart works day and night to pump blood through the circulatory system. The heart consists of two pumps. ... Students will each write in their activity journal ways the heart and other pumps are the same. They will address the fact that machine parts can be easily manufactured and replaced and that the heart as a pump is not easily repaired.


Hey! This song is really funny and we heard/watched it for the first time in science which was part of our human biology unit! If you actually learn to memorize it it can be really helpful! LOL ...