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As of 2015, one place to find fun and free quizzes online is BuzzFeed. The site is easy to use and does not require registration.


The Buzzfeed website provides a fun "Which animal are you?" quiz. The Animal In You and Kidzworld websites also offer "Which animal are you?" quizzes.


There are several online resources, such as AllTheTests, Kidzworld and Sciencekids, which offer free and fun quizzes for kids. Some fun and free quizzes for kids include the Human Body Quiz, Eating Your Way Through Europe Quiz and Test Your Solar System IQ.


Some fun relationship quizzes for couples to explore include "Are You Realistic About Relationships?" and "Is Your Body Language Saying the Wrong Thing?" Some other quizzes to try out are "Do You Need Relationship Counseling?" and "Will You Have Domestic Bliss?" MyLifetime.com offers all of these qu


There are many fun tests and quizzes online, including quizzes from Quiz Rocket, All the Tests and Queendom. Some of these quizzes are serious, and others are light-hearted and silly.


Some fun One Direction personality quizzes include, “Which One Direction Member Are You Most Like?” and “What One Direction Song Are You?” One Direction personality quizzes can be found on websites such as AllTheTests.com and PlayBuzz.com.


Some fun online quizzes for kids are Woozworld trivia, test your marine life IQ, carnivore or herbivore, super heroes, Harry Potter, Disney villains and SpongeBob SquarePants. These quizzes are available at different websites, including Family Education, Kidzworld and Squigly's Playhouse. A Family E


Seventeen, My Lifetime and All the Tests have some fun relationship test quizzes. Some titles for quizzes on Seventeen's website are "Am I in Love," "What Gift Will Your BF Love" and "Which Movie Couple are You." The website lists quizzes by the date posted.


Find fun tests and quizzes for teens on Seventeen.com and QuizRocket.com, as of 2015. Quizzes include dating personality quizzes, back-to-school closet readiness quizzes, and quizzes based on popular movies.


One website that offers Bible quizzes and answers is Quiz.ChristiansUnite.com. This website offers its quizzes organized by categories such as Bible Characters, Jesus of Nazareth, Numbers in the Bible, Women in the Bible and The Early Church.