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Fun places to have birthday parties for kids include orchards, fire stations, factories and ice-cream shops. It is important for parents to have a budget in mind when planning a birthday party to avoid overspending.


Depending on a child's interests, birthday parties can be held at fun indoor venues such as museums, dessert shops, pottery studios, bowling alleys, gyms, martial arts studios, arcades, skating rinks, zoos and aquariums. For outdoor entertainment, parents can plan parties at nature centers, amusemen


Birthday party location ideas include local attractions, kids' birthday centers, parks, children's museums, outdoor recreation areas, sporting events and activity centers such as bowling, go karts, miniature golf or laser tag. Many party location options feature party rooms and offer birthday party


Choose a theme, plan age-appropriate activities, and take your child's interests into consideration to plan a fun party. Keep the kids busy with activities or games to avoid boredom.


Amusement parks, nature centers and beaches are entertaining locations for outdoor birthday parties. Gyms, crafts studios, children's museums, ice skating rinks and zoos are fun locations for hosting interactive parties indoors. Ice cream or pizza parlors that offer culinary sessions are ideal for p


Depending on the age of the child and the party budget, there are a number of great places to hold a kid's birthday party. These include Build-A-Bear, an inflatable gym, a community pool or a neighborhood park.


Some good places to host a child's birthday party include outdoor playgrounds, indoor play spaces, bowling alleys and skating rinks. Some zoos, farms, pizza parlors, amusement parks and ice cream shops also offer party packages. Many parents also host children's birthday parties at home.


Good birthday party ideas for children include activities that most children enjoy. Craft making, outdoor field day activities or scavenger hunts are all good themes for a successful party.


Animal shelters, spas, arcades, horseback riding places, dance studios and laser tag places will all make fun and entertaining teenage birthday party venues. These venues are a way to take the birthday party out of the home and save the parents the hassle that comes with cleaning up after a teenager


A fun idea for a birthday party is a treasure hunt theme in which a handmade treasure map is created as an invitation and clues are arranged for party-goers to discover a treasure chest filled with party favors. Other fun party ideas include costume parties and a prom night theme.