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There are many ways to say goodbye to coworkers, and they range from humorous to sweet and earnest. The best goodbye quotes to coworkers use special knowledge of the person's history or performance to make the quote memorable.


According to Hallmark, birthday wishes to a co-worker depend on one's relationship to the person celebrating a birthday. For a friend's birthday, special wishes can be a bit casual, but for a supervisor, birthday wishes are more formal. One example of a birthday wish is: “Happy Birthday and all the


Statements that poke fun at the retiree's attitudes towards employment and retirement are appropriate for a coworker's retirement. Platitudes such as "Hard work never killed anyone, but why chance it?" or "I don't have a solution, but I do admire the problem," are funny one-liners, says Not Tension.


Appropriate farewell gifts for coworkers include gift baskets and scrapbooks full of memories made within the workplace. Pictures and personalized frames are also appropriate.


It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but talking about salaries can help ensure everyone makes what they are worth. Here’s what to consider before broaching the topic. An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive le


How to Ask Coworkers to Share Work Responsibilities. Working with others has its advantages. When you need help with your workload or you see a shared responsibility that's suffering neglect, you can look to your co-workers for assistance. The way that you should ask your co-workers to share work re


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Can My Employer Share Information About My Criminal Background With Coworkers?. The ability to maintain confidentiality of personnel issues is an essential qualification for human resources staff. They have access to sensitive information about candidates and employees, which should never be disclos


Life Whether you've been working at your office for a few years or just started a new job, it still can be intimidating when it come to finding ways to become better friends with your coworkers. It can be hard not to feel like an outsider when cliques have already been made or you're not really a so


Since when do you have to tell coworkers everything? Reporter Earlier this year, my colleague Leah Fessler published a piece on Quartz about writing her own “user manual”—a document outlining her values, quirks, and preferred working style—to share with her supervisor, who then reciprocated. Leah an