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Here are twenty two interesting office facts to get you through this Tuesday, February 2nd. Feel free to share any of these fun office facts at your next coffee break (no recognition is required). One percent of U.S. employers allow employees to take naps during working hours. People in the U.S. spend at least 1896 hours per year at work.


Have you ever heard something interesting about office cubicles, about their origin or use? Here are some interesting facts that only a small number of people have ever heard of. The idea of accommodating the office works desk dates back to the 1960’s. Namely, the first office cubicle was designed in 1967 by the designer Robert Propst. The ...


From gravedigger to CEO, get a glimpse into the world of occupations around the world with interesting working facts, fun statistics, and bizarre history.


Our blog - All about PDF Editors, PDF Editing and Office Productivity Five interesting facts about working, and workplace traditions ... Iceni Technology Blog All about PDF Editors, PDF Editing and Office Productivity. Work – an interesting place to be? ... Five Interesting Facts about Work ...


100 fun & interesting facts are facts that are not only funny but will bring a smile on your face and make you to think . So you have to accept facts as facts. Funny Facts About the World That Will Make You Smile. There’s volcano in Indonesia that spews blue lava.. After reading this post you will not recognize that the the brain doesn’t recognize the second ‘the’.


Work facts. A list of all kinds of amazing, funny, and interesting Work fun facts that are cool to know. Find a cool Work fact!


Only to then make the long commute to work where you sit in an office all day wishing it was still Sunday, and praying that Friday would come quickly. ... The Fact Site is the number one source for the most interesting & random facts about animals, celebrities, food, films, games & so much more. You will learn something about everything!


Here are 8 fascinating facts about how humor defines and enhances modern business: 1. Humor Is More Important Than Pay. An industry-wide study of over 2,500 people found that 55% of workers would take less pay to have more fun at work. This means a majority of people would literally take a pay cut for a more light-hearted work environment. 2.


Well, get your answers here, and so much more with these 200 random, fun facts that will actually make your life better! So pull up a chair, get comfortable – and enjoy this awesome list of the top 200 most random, interesting and fun facts. Don’t forget to click the next page button at the bottom for more fun facts!


21 surprising facts about workplace productivity you must know 1. Everyone is looking for ways to be more productive on their job. So we have complied a list of 21 surprising facts about workplace productivity here in the hope they'll also help you. 2. 1. Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. 3. 2.