One fun fact about deserts is that not all deserts are hot, but all deserts are dry. Another fun fact is that the largest desert in the world is a region of Antarctica where less than 2 inches of precipitation falls annu... More » Food Cooking Desserts

Africa is the second largest continent on the Earth and includes about 22 percent of the Earth's land mass. It is also the second most populous continent, with 1.1 billion people, 16 percent of the world's population as ... More »

The continent of Africa features a number of fun facts, such as it is the second largest continent in the world. It contains the second largest population per continent, and it is the oldest populated continent. The cont... More » Geography Africa

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One fun fact about pigs is that they are extremely intelligent, smarter than both dogs and 3-year-old humans. Another fun fact is that, contrary to popular belief, pigs are actually quite clean. More » Family Parenting

One fun fact about the Tyrannosaurus rex is that the word "rex"comes from a Latin word meaning "king," while the word "tyrannosaurus" comes from a Greek word meaning "tyrant lizard." The T. rex lived in western North Ame... More »

One fun fact about blue jays is that they are not really blue. The blue jay’s feathers lay in such a way that humans see a blue color when the light strikes them. They are also very common and live in many types of habit... More »