Hermit crabs are marine or terrestrial invertebrates called decapods that mostly live underwater, with a few tropical species living on the land. They are named for their habit of living in scavenged shells, which they m... More »

A fact that children may be interested to know is that hermit crabs are not really hermits but are rather social animals. They interact and feed together with their kind in the wild. They received their name because they... More »

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Archaebacteria include many unique characteristics and traits: they comprise one kingdom of living organisms, are among the oldest life forms on earth and prefer to live in the most extreme environments on the earth to n... More »

Hermit crabs are popular pets that are fairly easy to care for as long as attention is paid to detail. Appropriate environmental factors are vital for their well-being, so be sure to set up their aquarium properly, using... More »

Hermit crabs molt, or shed their skin, once a year as a part of their regular growth cycle. During the molting process, a hermit crab may bury itself in the gravel or sand and stay there for a few weeks to shed its exosk... More »

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Hermit crabs go through periods of highly sluggish activity, or even inactivity, referred to as molting. During molting, hermit crabs develop a new exoskeleton and shed their old exoskeleton. More »

Hermit crabs have soft, vulnerable abdomens and need to wear shells to protect themselves. A hermit crab without a shell eventually falls victim to predators or even other hermit crabs. More »