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Elephants are one of the largest species of mammals. There are two types of species of elephants, including both the African and Asian elephant. As their name suggests, each type lives either in the plains and forests of Africa or Asia.


According to the Smithsonian Institution, African elephants are the biggest land mammals in the world. Contrary to popular belief, wild and captive elephants do not eat peanuts. Elephants protect their skin from sunburn and insects by dusting their bodies with sand. Female elephants live in groups o


Asian and African elephants are the largest land animals. They typically weigh between 4,900 and 14,000 pounds, but as of 2014, the highest recorded weight of an elephant was 24,000 pounds. Unsurprisingly, these massive creatures can deliver 200-pound babies, which are usually around 3 feet tall at


Sea elephants, or elephant seals, exist in two species, the northern elephant seal and the southern elephant seal. The southern elephant seal is the largest type of seal on Earth.


African Elephants are an endangered species of herbivore and are the largest land animals on the planet. They are characterized by their curved tusks, thick pillar legs, large ears and trunk.


Two types of elephant seals exist in the world. One is the northern elephant seal, found in the Northern Hemisphere and often along the coast of California. The other is the southern elephant seal, typically living in the cold Antarctic waters.


Pygmy elephants are the smallest of the elephant species and are believed to be the remaining relatives of a herd once belonging to royalty. These small elephants are also called Borneo pygmy elephants because they live exclusively in Borneo, which is the largest island in Asia.


The more we learn about elephants, the more we realize elephants are like us in so many ways. Elephants captivate our hearts and imaginations. They astound us with their size and strength, such a contrast with their gentle nature and delicate touch. Despite their long history alongside humans, we ha


Discover fun facts about elephant babies. Includes printables about elephant babies and how to tell the difference between Asian and African elephants. Elephants are interesting animals. Their size is awesome, and their strength is incredible. They are intelligent and affectionate beings. Amazingly,


Here is an in-depth profile of the Dwarf Elephant, including this mammal's characteristics, behavior, and habitat. Name: Dwarf Elephant; genus names include Mammuthus, Elephas, and Stegodon. Habitat: Small islands of the Mediterranean Sea Historical Epoch: Pleistocene-Modern (2 million-10,000 years