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Some fun facts about cars are that more than more one billion cars saw operation in the year 2010 and that it takes about half an ounce of gasoline to start the average car. An average car takes about 25 hours to build, and in the United States, one person dies in a traffic crash every 12 minutes, o


Some fun things to know about trees are that there are more than 23,000 types of trees, and thousands of products are made from them. Trees are said to "breathe" in the opposite way of humans. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, while humans breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.


The first football game to be played occurred in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton schools; however, the game looked closer to that of a rugby match. Following the game, this modified form of rugby became popular among the East Coast colleges. In 1876, Walter Camp helped write the first rules for A


There are many fun facts about horses, such as they can sleep standing up and are one of the fastest mammals on Earth. The top-recorded speed of a horse is 55 miles per hour. In fact, a mare can run only an hour after giving birth.


Some fun facts about California include the fact that California raises more turkeys than any other state and that the Hollywood Bowl is the world's largest amphitheater. California's Mount Whitney is the highest peak in all of the United States' lower 48 states.


Oceans lay claim to about 70 percent of the surface of the earth, and ocean life accounts for 94 percent of living things. Despite this, scientists have yet to explore most of the ocean, as its average depth surpasses 12,400 feet and is mostly cloaked in darkness.


Canada is home to the longest coastline in the world, boasts the oldest rocks on Earth and has one of the largest impact craters. Canada consists of nearly 151,000 miles of coastline, made up largely by the country's 52,455 islands. Canada also contains stone in the Hudson Bay that dates back 4.28 b


Some fun facts about Florida, known as the Sunshine State, include its state animal, the Florida panther, and its state flower, the orange blossom. The state bird is the northern mockingbird. Florida is also home to the oldest European settlement in North America, Saint Augustine.


China, known officially as the People's Republic of China, is the fourth-largest country in the world with a land area of over 3.7 million square miles. The capital city of China is Beijing, however, its most populated city is Shanghai. Overall, the country has the world's largest population with ov


Cats and people have a long history together, from Egyptian cat worship in ancient times to the animal's continued popularity as a household pet. As of 2015, there are more than 500 million domestic cats across the globe.