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20 funny get to know you questions that work like a charm These funny questions range from embarrassing to informative and even just ways to start a fuller conversation. So pick and choose as you please and not only will your confidence improve, but whoever you’re getting to know will leave knowing just how funny you are.


Our most popular get-to-know-you questions for work, based on four years of data. If you winced at the word, “icebreaker,” I don’t blame you. Get-to-know-you questions and games tend to feel cheesy. We’ve all been victim to a terribly trite icebreaker with coworkers that made us roll our eyes. I know I have. However reluctantly, you… Read the full article


Use our fun questions to ask whenever you want to really get to know someone. Often it takes a while for people to open up, but asking questions can get you to the truth faster. We want to have a full picture of who people are and that takes time.


As you learn about each other, it's fun to ask silly questions and laugh together. These questions will give you a sense if you're on the same page together. Just make sure your relationship isn't all about asking questions to get to know your partner.


Fun facts aren’t fun anymore. Icebreakers are dreaded by many but we still do them. If done well, icebreakers can be a great way to forge new connections with your team at the start of your meeting. Here are 12 interactive get-to-know-you questions that trump the standard “fun fact”.


Here's twenty questions that will help you get to know them. Subscribe to the Teach 4 the Heart Podcast. We all know how important strong relationships are to successful teaching. But in order to build strong relationships, we need to understand how our students think and why they make the choices that they do.


You’ve gotta admit, even these super-generic questions get conversations flowing far better than one-word greetings. Online games like QuizBreaker also make it really fun & easy for teams to bond with one another over icebreaker questions & answers.


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Icebreaker questions are thought-provoking questions you can use to encourage people to talk and get to know them better. These questions can be used in most situations where fun, light-hearted conversation is needed to lighten the mood and encourage real bonding. Related: Fun Work Outings for Corporate Team Building


35. Would you consider tasting human flesh for $100? 36. Would you rather get bitten by a vampire or bitten by a zombie? 37. What is the scariest horror game you have ever played? 38. How often do you think about death? 39. Have you ever walked through a graveyard (or a forest) late at night? 40. Have you ever created a voodoo doll? 41.