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Numerous online resources exist that allow users to ask basic legal questions and receive free answers from attorneys, such as LawGuru.com, Justia.com and Avvo.com. Each of the websites includes disclaimers that the answers are non-confidential and do not constitute legal representation or create an


People can get answers to history questions at Chegg, infoplease and enotes. These websites offer free and premium accounts to look up questions. Each website uses a different method or tool for finding the answers.


Get help with physics questions at the Physics Van website run by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Physics and from PhysicsClassroom.com. As of 2015, both websites offer question and answer sections, and PhysicsClassroom.com offers several other ways to learn about physic


Answers to basic legal questions are available online through sources including FindLaw.com and Avvo.com. According to FindLaw.com's Frequently Asked Questions, legal advice for specific cases is best sought through direct consultation with an attorney licensed to practice law in your state.


There are several websites that let users ask and answer questions about all kinds of topics. Popular tech site The Next Web mentions Yahoo! Answers, Answer Bag, Blurtit, WikiAnswers and Mahalo Answers as some of the places where users can ask and get relevant responses to their inquiries.


Just Answer is a website where you can ask questions to qualified experts and get answers immediately. This website has experts on call who have the experience and the credentials to answer questions specific to various fields.


You can ask a questions on Wikipedia.org by visiting the reference desk section of the site. While the reference desk deals with questions on any topic, use the Talk option on a page to ask questions about Wikipedia itself.


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offers an online reference library covering a wide variety of immigration topics which can be found on its official website, USCIS.gov. The site contains information about immigration laws, policies, forms, process steps and other tools.


PetCoach is a website where pet owners can ask various questions related to health, nutrition and behavior of their pets, free of charge as of 2015. This service is available 24/7.


Taxpayers can get income tax questions answered in person at no charge from Taxpayer Assistance Centers in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, reports the Internal Revenue Service. Taxpayers can also get answers to tax questions through online tools such as the Interactive Tax Assistant