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Trivia questions for kids can be absolutely fun. They are not just for adults. When asked the right questions, kids can have a good time together while learning something new. Trivia questions for kids can also be used during family gatherings. We have compiled a list of trivia questions for kids into 6 different categories: Nature & Science; Maths


109+ fun trivia questions everyone should know Learning with fun is a great technique to increase knowledge. In the current era, general knowledge, and current affair now how are very important.


Different forms of currency have been used throughout history, but Guinness World Records has deemed "flying money" as the earliest example of paper currency. Used during China's Tang Dynasty between the years 618 A.D. and 907 A.D., flying money was only used by those with considerable wealth and not by common people.


Dumb trivia quiz questions with the answers. The average person does what thirteen times a day? A: Laughs . The Average American does what 22 times a day? A: Opens Fridge . On Sunday in Florida it is illegal for a single woman to do what? A: Skydive . What is Johnny Depp afraid of? A: Clowns. Washington police officers get a half hour class in ...


The game of random trivia questions and their answers is a great way to have a nice time out with friends. Engaging in this activity as a past time can be so much fun and educational too, for those involved. Usually, trivia questions can be asked to just about anyone, including kids and adults.


A trivia quiz can be on various subjects ranging from movies and sports to science and history. In fact, it can be a fun activity to do when the teens are having a study get-together, night out or a zero-hour at school. If you are looking for such questions, then read on as MomJunction brings to you 115 trivia questions and answers for teens.


Play over 140,000 trivia quizzes and games! How about a fun, k12 educational quiz? Movies, sports, TV, geography, and much more. Over one million trivia questions on thousands of topics. How much do you know?


Without any further ado, Here is a list of questions to make a “50 facts about me” video, so quickly go over them or just instantly start recording! Note: There are actually more than 50 questions here, so feel free to choose ones you like the best and kick out ones that are ‘too personal’ for you 🙂


These fun facts really get you thinking about how far we’ve come. Taking a 23-minute flight might seem like a waste of money today, but in 1914 Abram Pheil paid $400, which would be $8,500 today ...


20 Fun Questions, Trivia & Conversation Starters for Your Camping Trip Would You Rather: 1.Camp on the beach or in the mountains? 2. Camp in an RV or tent? 3. Go car camping or backpacking? 4. Hear a coyote crying or a bear sniffing around next to your tent in the middle of the night? 5. Go hiking, fishing, go to a hot springs, or just chill at ...