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Fun printable activities for kids of all ages are available at websites such as ActivityVillage.co.uk, theKidzpage.com, RaisingOurKids.com and abcteach.com. Each of these sites provides a variety of activities, such as connect the dots, color by number, and various crafty printables.


Fun, printable pirate treasure maps are found at TeacherLED.com, where users can create their own treasure map by clicking on various features, such as volcanoes, swamps, oases, and treasure boxes, and placing them on a grid. Users can print their completed maps.


Seriously...anywhere. Hurts so good. Runners, gym lovers, tennis players, we're looking at you. Slow down your workout moves for a sleek physique Don't shy away from the challenge of running 13.1 miles: Our plan is guaranteed to get you to the glorious finish line This tough workout will give you sc


If you've got a printer, there's a whole world of free stuff out there! Use these resources to find free printables for kids and parents.


There are many different reasons you may find yourself searching for a printable form. From business invoices to custom fax sheets, you can create a variety of styles right from your own computer. Software programs such as Microsoft Office offer simple ready-to-go forms, whereas online companies a


Simply print any of these templates out onto plain paper and decorate to make cute decorations. From bunting to envelopes to holiday shapes, there's something for every project. From scrapbooking to party decorations, these free printable templates are perfect for all your crafting needs! Simply pri


Use one of these free, printable to do lists to get organized. Here are three unique designs to choose from. Erin Huffstetler is a writer with experience writing about easy ways to save money at home. One of our favorite things to stay organized is creating a to-do list. Here are 3 printable designs


Are you short on time? Enjoy some stress-free paper crafting this Christmas season with 12 beautiful free printable downloads. The Christmas season is here and with it comes all the planning, shopping, wrapping, baking and not to mention holiday parties. We crafters love to make gifts, decorations a


Download these fun Valentines to give to your kids -- or anyone you love. Attach a heart-y joke to her lunch bag! Cut out a tag and fold on the dashed line so the joke is in front and the punch line on the back. Then, punch 2 staples in the bag tag to complete the 2 arrows. Use Valentine candy as ma


Need a way to keep kids busy as you prep for your Memorial Day or Fourth of July bash? Print out these flags for them to personalize and color. Need a way to keep kids busy as you prep for your Memorial Day or Fourth of July bash? Print out these flags for them to personalize and color. Having the n