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MoonConnection.com offers a graphic moon phase calendar. MoonConnection provides free information about tides, eclipses, NASA moon missions and other moon-related topics. The Old Farmer's Almanac also offers a free moon phase calendar.


When the moon is full, the moon is at its brightest, and the entire disk is visible. New moons occur when the Earth comes between the moon and the sun, resulting in a moon that is completely obscured by the Earth's shadow and is barely visible in the night sky.


The phases of the moon are determined by the angle at which sunlight approaches the moon relative to the position of the Earth. When the sun is behind the Earth, relative to the moon, full sunlight falls on the hemisphere of the moon that faces Earth. When the sun is behind the moon, relative to Ear


To find out when the next full moon will be, use an online directory of full moon dates or make an educated prediction based upon the moon's current place in its cycle. Some online directories of moon dates include MoonGiant.com, MoonPhases.info and Space.com.


The easiest way to find out when the moon is full is to consult a moon phase calendar like that on MoonConnection.com. By inputting the month and year and selecting northern or southern hemisphere, the site brings up a month-long calendar showing the moon phases.


One feature of a moon phase, or lunar, calendar is that it lists the lunar phases for each day of the month. Another feature is that a lunar calendar sometimes includes extra months so that it synchronizes with solar calendars.


Little scientific research exists on gardening according to the lunar calendar. Folklore associates the phases of the moon with gardening activities based on the moon's gravitational pull on water. Some modern practitioners of lunar gardening believe that the moon's position with reference to the zo


Generally, there are 12 full moons each year. Each of the four seasons has three months, with each month containing a full moon. Occasionally, one of the seasons has a fourth full moon.


Creating a calendar is as simple as printing blank calendar pages and customizing them as necessary or desired. There are also a variety of creative and artistic homemade calendar ideas.


There are various places to find the dates of full moons, including wall calendars and websites such as moongiant.com, space.com and almanac.com. A full moon is one of the eight phases of the moon.