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The trouble code takes you to “an area” for further testing to properly determine where the real fault is. The diagnostic fee allows us the time to thoroughly test and accurately determine the real cause of the warning light using the professional test equipment we have invested in.


A Car Diagnostic Test Identifies your Automotive problems. A car diagnostic test provides a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicle. Technicians will scan your vehicle's onboard computer, document any diagnostic trouble codes, and check for service notifications issued by your vehicle's manufacturer.


Get your car back on the road. Even though a car diagnostic test can bring bad news, the sooner you find out about a problem, the better. Otherwise, one problem can turn into many more. The scan itself should be around $100, but depending on the problem and the mechanic you hire, solving the problem can cost more.


How much does a car diagnostic test cost? On average, this test is going to cost anywhere from free to as much as $120. If you simply want the code, most auto part stores will be able to scan and give you this information; however, if you want a mechanic to scan the code and confirm the repair you need, then the price will be in the $55 to $150 range.


The Engine Diagnostic service includes: Quality service performed by a professional Pep Boys technician; Road test of vehicle to verify complaint (if running) Visual inspection of engine compartment for obvious electrical or vacuum related conditions; Complete battery and charging system analysis


You may think car diagnostic tests are only necessary when the check engine light comes on, but here's why you should take a proactive approach. You may think car diagnostic tests are only necessary when the check engine light comes on, but here's why you should take a proactive approach. ... What is a Car Diagnostic Test & Why is it So ...


What Is a Diagnostic Test for a Car? Diagnostic tests are used to determine what repairs are required to ensure a vehicle operates properly. On newer model vehicles, an on-board diagnostics computer interface is used in conjunction with diagnostic tools and software to help mechanics identify problems.


Performing a car diagnostic test using an auto scan tool can save the mechanic a lot of time troubleshooting a problem and also save the car owner money because they don’t have to pay for a complete mechanical check at their local repair shop.


What You Get From a Diagnostic. Running a diagnostic on your vehicle involves plugging a scanner into your vehicle's OBD-II port. Some models built before 1996 had a diagnostic system, but it was limited and varied greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The OBD-II system is standard on all vehicles sold in the United States after 1995.


Battery Test . Your car battery is the heart of your vehicle. Stay in charge by bringing your car to Pep Boys for a free battery test to make sure that integral car part is healthy and running at full capacity. Learn More Make an Appointment