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The anatomy of a female body represents the structure of the body and parts of a female. Some distinct features of the human female anatomy include fully developed mammary glands, ovaries, uterus, and broader and larger pelvic bones.


The anatomy of a check includes bank information, a personalization area, a pay-to line, dollar box and a signature line, states 4checks. A check also include the routing, account and check numbers.


Organs located on the left side of a normal human body include the left hemisphere of the brain, the left lung, the heart and the stomach, according to Inner Body. Additional organs located on the left side include the left kidney, the spleen, and sections of the large ...


A human body anatomy chart can be used for educational purposes in all levels of health, science and medical courses, as well as to help medical professionals provide informational understanding to patients. Graphical depictions are the most efficient way to teach and e...


Surface anatomy is the study of the body's external features, such as the hands, the feet and the legs. Certain features are labeled as regions based on the bones or muscles they cover. For example, the mastoid region is the area covering the mastoid bones of the ear.


A human foot has many structures, including bones, joints, nerves, blood vessel, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It has three sections, the forefoot, the midfoot and the hindfoot.


Several specialized areas make up the human brain, such as the cortex, brain stem, basal ganglia and cerebellum. Another way of looking at the human brain is to consider its different lobes, the frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes, each dedicated to its own ...