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Benefits of using synthetic oil include enhanced flow, a cleaner engine, increased protection and extended oil life. Synthetic oil has fewer impurities than conventional oil and has been tailored to meet the demands of a modern engine. This type of oil is refined and distilled, providing a more puri


Depending on the brand of full synthetic motor oil, the oil may last between 10,000 and 20,000 miles before requiring an oil change. The oil change interval also depends on the driver's driving habits, where the vehicle goes and how much it is driven.


Synthetic bland oil should be changed every 7,500 miles in most cars. Some makes and models, however, require owners to change the oil more or less often.


Full synthetic oil is made differently from conventional motor oil, and vehicles that use it require fewer oil changes than those that use conventional oil. Drivers who put synthetic oil in their cars also notice less wear and tear on their vehicles.


Mobil 1 is a line of synthetic oils available in different formulations, such as extended performance, advanced fuel economy, high mileage and others. These oils provide benefits for car engines that traditional oils do not.


The oil change interval for synthetic automotive oil depends greatly on the type of oil and the particular make and model of a vehicle. One popular synthetic oil manufacturer, for instance, guarantees its oil to last for 15,000 miles before needing changed.


Synthetic oil is generally better than conventional oil or blends because it lasts longer and may improve the car's performance. However, it is also usually significantly more expensive.


BestSyntheticOilGuide.com and TheWirecutter.com each offer a comprehensive guide of the best synthetic oils for car owners, as of 2016. Synthetic car oils are typically preferred over conventional oils because they are designed to provide superior mechanical performance.


Mobil 1 is the most widely recognized and reliable brand of synthetic motor oil in the world and is commonly recommended by experts in the automobile industry. It has a solid record of providing excellent engine wear protection and safely enhancing fuel efficiency over a wide range of temperatures.


Royal Purple SAE 5W-30, Mobil 1 Extended Performance, and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum are highly-rated full synthetic motor oils. These are the top-rated brands by Injector Cleaner Boss.