On newer cars, electric fuel pumps are typically installed inside the gas tank. These pumps are prevented from overheating by immersing them in fuel. Running the vehicle on an almost empty tank may cause the pump to sust... More »

Check the pressure of a vehicle's fuel pump by hooking a pressure gauge to the fitting of the fuel pump, having an assistant rev the engine and checking whether the pressure matches the vehicle's specifications. Eliminat... More »

To check the fuel pump, you need a multimeter to check the voltage that your pump needs and to test the positive and negative leads. Determining the wires for the fuel pump and for the fuel gauge is the most challenging ... More »

There are two ways to replace a fuel pump on a Chevy pickup truck: access the panel behind the back seats or drop the gas tank. Dropping the gas tank requires draining the gasoline, loosening the tank straps and lowering... More »

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Changing the fuel pump on a 1993 Honda Accord is a relatively difficult project, requiring the knowledge and ability to jack up the vehicle, drain the gasoline into a safe container, remove the gas tank and then remove t... More »

Replacing a fuel pump requires draining and dropping the gas tank from the vehicle to access the unit. Some vehicles will have a panel located under the rear seats of the car to allow easier access to the pump and avoid ... More »

Symptoms of a failing fuel pump include increased fuel consumption, gasoline odor in the vehicle, reduced engine power and acceleration, engine stops running during operation, car is hard to start or won't start, check e... More »