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Cholesterol level charts by age contain cholesterol level guidelines for either adults or children and teens. There are different charts for these two populations because desirable triglyceride and cholesterol levels are different for children and teens than those for adults, notes emedicinehealth.


Many medical care professionals used to recommend regular PSA screening for males aged 50 and older, according to the National Cancer Institute. However, the general consensus in the medical community is that men interested in PSA screening should learn about the potential benefits and drawbacks pri


While information on charts noting children's age and weight varies based on age of the child and source of the chart, they all include information regarding the average weight and length for age. Additional information that may appear on a chart is the percentile where a particular child's weight a


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides vaccination charts that are dictated by age. The age ranges are birth to 6 years old, 7 to 18 years old and 19 years of age and older, notes the CDC.


A blood pressure chart that offers average blood pressure levels grouped by age can be found on the Disabled World website. A range of normal blood pressures can be obtained from the American Heart Association and indicates that an "average" blood pressure is also a "normal" one.


To read a blood pressure chart by age, locate your age range, then view the corresponding normal systolic and diastolic numbers, notes Disabled World. The chart offered by Disabled World features average blood pressure readings for 14 different age ranges. For adults between the ages of 25 and 29, a


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, KidsHealth.org and MyGrowthCharts.com all have growth charts covering the clinically measured criteria for age ranges from newborn to 20 years old. The CDC and the National Institutes of Health have Body Mass Index charts for


Pulse rate is used to determine a person's overall health and fitness based on standardized pulse rate charts, according to MDhealth.com. Pulse rate refers to the measure of heartbeats per minute, and it varies based on the body's need for oxygen.


The U.S. Social Security Administration's full retirement age chart displays full retirement ages by birth year. The chart also shows the percentage reduction for receiving benefits early and the corresponding information for spouses.


An IQ age chart is a tool used primarily by educators to determine the mental age and appropriate grade level of an individual student. This determination is based on the student's IQ score in relation to her actual chronological age.