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4 lbs. cooked and frozen lobster meat, geat deal on cooked and frozen lobster meat from Maine. Sam's Club offers the ultimate seafood experience at an incredible value. All Ready Seafood Products are USDC Certified. Cooked lobster meat will arrive frozen in an air shipping cooler box with gel ice packs to keep the lobster meat frozen.


Frozen Lobster Meat is an awesome way to enjoy the sweet, succulent and mild flavor of your favorite crustacean all year long. The frozen meat may be a bit less firm than that of freshly picked meat, it’s still Lobster and still delicious! Lobster Sustainability Information. Species. Homarus americanus. Country. Canada.


Cooked Lobster Meat, Minced, Frozen. Cooked Lobster Meat, Tail, Frozen. Advanced Product Search. Name. Species Common Name. Product State - All - Fresh (22) Live (12) Frozen (49) Country of Origin - All - CAN (1) Canada (3) China (10) Japan (6) Peru (1) USA (28) USA/CAN (43) Brand. East ...


Frozen lobster meat pairs well cold on salads and served warm in lobster rolls. Our lobster meat is premium claw, knuckle and leg meat. Sold frozen in 2 lb packages and individually vacuumed sealed. Choose from our 8 lb lobster meat box for $339.80 with free shipping or buy a 2 lb package for $99.95. Lobster Meat is Shipped Frozen from Alaska.


Direct from the icy waters of the North Atlantic we are proud to offer our pure 100% lobster meat. Comes completely shelled. Contains premium grade claw and knuckle meat - the very best. This product is perfect for Lobster Bisque, Lobster Louie's, Lobster Rolls & Sandwiches, Lobster Benedict & much more. Comes frozen in 2 lb. vacuum packed bag.


Boston Lobster Company 2 lb. Frozen Lobster Tail Meat - 6/Case #872blctf. $519.00 /Case. Boston Lobster Company 2 lb. Frozen Tail, Claw, and Knuckle Lobster Meat - 6/Case #872blctckf. $434.99 /Case. Boston Lobster Company 25 lb. Case of 1 lb. Live Hard Shell Lobsters - 25/Case #872blc1.


If you have Shucks Raw Maine Lobster meat, there are a variety of ways to prepare it; if you want to cook it or dish it up raw. The easiest way to cook your Raw Maine Lobster meat is to butter poach it. After you’ve done this, you can add it to an...


Lobster Mac and Cheese. Our 16-oz Lobster Mac and Cheese kit is a simple way to have a hearty, delicious meal within minutes. Featuring the same knuckle and claw meat we use in our lobster rolls, our lobster is combined with mascarpone, cheddar, cream, and pasta for a decadent seafood dinner.


2 pounds package deal of freshly cooked and picked lobster meat! NEVER FROZEN. This savoring meat is "made to order" and can be eaten right out of the container upon arrival or made into lobster rolls. Lots of meat, zero mess! We send lots of these to 5 star restaurants and hotels.


Frozen Raw Lobster Meat. Frozen raw is the closest to fresh possible. Riverside's state of the art High Pressure Processed (HPP) raw meat is second only to live lobster. HPP meat is fully extracted from the shell and retains it's shape, texture and all of it's natural flavours and nutrients. Once thawed and cooked, it is virtually impossible to ...