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When you excavate your footings you will need to dig below the frost line. This is the depth at which the moisture present in the soil is expected to freeze. Once your footings are buried below the frost line the ground will act as a barrier to insulate the soil below the footing from freezing in the winter.


Frost line - The depth of frost penetration in soil and/or the depth at which the earth will freeze and swell. This depth varies in different... Dictionary of Construction Terminology - Frost line


Frost front refers to the varying position of the frost line during seasonal periods of freezing and thawing. Building codes. Building codes sometimes take frost depth into account because of frost heaving which can damage buildings by moving their foundations. Foundations are normally built below the frost depth for this reason.


Of course, water and sewer lines have to be below frost depth everywhere outside the heated house envelope, to avoid freezing. Leach fields are also best put below frost line,though some allowance is commonly given for the fact they self-heat to a certain extent due to biodegradation - but that can be an issue at times.


A Builder’s Guide to Frost Protected Shallow Foundations 1 Background A frost protected shallow foundation (FPSF) is a practical alternative to a deeper, more-costly foundation in cold regions with seasonal ground freezing and the potential for frost heave. The International Residential Code ® (IRC) includes prescriptive methods for ...


Frost Protection For Concrete Footings On Grade – Heave. ... The first method of frost protection specified in the code is extending the footing below the frost line also known as the frost front or freezing plane. ... or modified without the written permission of Engineering Express®.


Frost depth data shown in this map is queried from the North Central River Forecast Center (NCRFC) database late morning each day. Frost depth reports here are commonly from frost tube instruments, visual reports from construction or cemetery sites, or other types of electronic probes.


Frost wall or frost protected wall construction is to prevent soil beneath the building from freezing for protection of foundations in freezing temperature climates. Types of frost walls, their requirements and uses are discussed. Frosting is a serious issue for the building structures during the ...


How/where can I find out what the frost-line is for my area? Ask Question 7. 1. Aptos, CA, United States. What service or documentation resource can I use to determine what the frost-line is for my area? I'd be inclined to ask the county building/planning office but I suspect that they'll want to charge for answering a seemingly simple (and ...


Since you are building in Michigan, footings must be at least 42" below grade in order to be below the frost line. And, since MI has pretty rigorous building code enforcement, the footings probably are below the frost line. Michigan code requires footing inspections before and after pouring the concrete.