Most airbag crash sensors are located in the front of the vehicle. Domestic vehicles typically have between one and three sensors located in the crush zones at the front of the automobile. More »

Airbag diagnostic codes go up to 53, and some of the trouble codes are a shorted out airbag circuit, which is 13, and a short in the airbag's crash sensor circuit, which is code 14. When the battery voltage is low in the... More »

The outdoor air temperature sensor on a 2008 Mazda X3 is located beneath the front crash beam behind the front grill. It displays the temperature on a gauge located inside the vehicle. The sensor control temperature and ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Although the location of airbag sensors may vary according to the model of the car, most cars have airbag sensors on the dashboard and along the side of the vehicle. When not in use, airbags are deflated, compressed and ... More »

A vehicle’s passenger occupancy sensor detects whether a passenger is in the seat and decides whether or not to allow the airbag to deploy in the event of an accident. If the sensor determines a weight on the seat is not... More »

Examples of SRS airbag diagnostic codes include Code 12 for low battery voltage, Code 13 for grounded or shorted airbag circuit and Code 14 for a short in the primary crash sensor. Additional examples include Code 21 for... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Common problems with crankshaft position sensors include connector pins that are loose, cracks in the sensors and improper gaps between the reluctor wheel and the sensor tip. Faulty sensors can prevent a car from startin... More »