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Q: Since waves are in, I got a perm to give my fine hair some body. But it came out frizzy. What can I do to fix my fine hair? A: A perm can go bad for a number of reasons, says Samy, owner of the Samy Salon in Miami. Shampooing too soon afterward or leaving the perm solution on too long -- or not ...


Frizzy Hair After Perm Q: I had a perm about 3 weeks ago and it is very frizzy and in the mornings. I look like I have a bozo wig on. I would like to know how to relax it or take the curl/frizz out.


How to Condition and Repair Dry, Frizzy Perms How to Repair Damaged Frizzy Perms. Problem #1 PERM with severely damaged hair that snaps and breaks easily. If a perm solution is left on too long, then the hair is over processed. This over processed hair breaks off when stretched test is done.


Eggs are one of the most popular home remedies for frizzy hair. Egg yolks are rich in fats and proteins and are naturally moisturizing, while egg whites contain enzymes that kill bacteria and remove unwanted oils from the scalp. This is why eggs are often used to treat frizzy hair. Whisk one egg and add one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix it well.


How To Fix A Bad Perm How To Fix A Bad Perm ... Many times a perm goes bad because the perm solution isn’t left on for the proper amount of time. In addition, if the hair isn’t in a healthy state, it may not take the solution properly. ... result in no curls at all or create a noticeably frizzy look. Use a good deep conditioner to hydrate ...


Frizzy hair is a common problem and by far the most frustrating in hair care. It can be a daily hassle or an occasional problem for some people. Hair that is curly or wavy tends to get more frizzes due to the natural hair structure. Therefore, home remedies for frizzy hair need be more on nourishing, conditioning and moisturizing.


Also leaving perm lotion on the hair for too long, even for a matter of a few minutes can dramatically damage the hair. Heavily highlighted bleached hair could also be permed with an acid perm, but I always found them to go frizzy as well, so now I will never perm anyones hair with bleached highlights.


Bad Perm Reasons. If your tresses aren’t in tip top shape, the chemical process of a perm can damage it further, making your hair look and feel drab and unhealthy. If your stylist doesn't allow the perm to process for the right amount of time, hair can either get too curly (making it look frizzy) or not curly enough with limp, loose waves.


The 9 Best Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair. 9 Slides. Pouf, fuzz, frayed ends: This is the price we pay for balmy weather. (The upside: glowy skin and, well, balmy weather.) But there are steps you can ...


If you want curly or wavy hair, getting a perm is the best way to do it. However, getting a perm can leave your hair damaged if not done right. This is a guide about remedies for hair damaged by perm.