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While the Courts of the State of New Jersey have been hesitant to impose sanctions upon parties and counsel for frivolous lawsuits, in any but the most extreme of circumstances, in the appropriate circumstance, sanctions can be obtained, so long as strict compliance with the Rules of Court can be established. N.J.S.A. 2A:15-59.1 governs sanctions […]


2A:15-59.1. Frivolous causes of action 1. a. (1) A party who prevails in a civil action, either as plaintiff or defendant, against any other party may be awarded all reasonable litigation costs and reasonable attorney fees, if the judge finds at any time during the proceedings or upon judgment that a complaint, counterclaim, cross-claim or defense of the nonprevailing person was frivolous.


NJ COURT GRANTS MOTION FOR SANCTIONS FOR FRIVOLOUS LITIGATION AGAINST PLAINTIFF IN HOME INSPECTION MATTER In a rare occurrence, a New Jersey Court recently enforced the State’s prohibition against frivolous litigation against a plaintiff who sought to sue a home inspector following a failed real estate transaction. The plaintiff in Vorhand v.


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Lawyer Ordered to Pay $89,234 for Bringing Frivolous Lawsuit ... New Jersey Law Journal honors lawyers who have left an indelible mark on the legal community in New Jersey and beyond.


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If, however, the New Jersey frivolous lawsuit is a New Jersey motion whose return date precedes the expiration of the 28-day period, the New Jersey frivolous lawsuit demand shall give New Jersey plaintiff or New Jersey defendant filing the New Jersey frivolous lawsuit the option of either consenting to an adjournment of the return date of the ...


Claude Diletto, et al., Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, Essex County, Docket No. ESX-L-2832-18. New Jersey Courts recognize that in appropriate circumstances it may be necessary and appropriate to enjoin a vexatious litigant from engaging in repetitive frivolous filings. Rosenblum v.


Pursuant to [Rule] 1:4-8(f), my client also expressly reserve our right to proceed against the defendants’ individually and separately for the recovery of attorney fees and costs pursuant to the New Jersey Frivolous Lawsuits Statute, [N.J.S.A.] 2A:15-59.1. Please be guided accordingly.


lawsuits. L.1995, c.13, §1. Sen. Ronald Rice (D-Essex), however, has introduced S.1396, which would expand the provisions of the statute, further deter parties from filing frivolous lawsuits, and add several arrows to the quiver of litigants defending against frivolous conduct on both sides of the caption. Expanding Recovery