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Frigidaire's front-loading washer has a circular door on the front side of the machine through which the dirty laundry is passed. Traditionally, these types of washers have been used in laundromats. Top loaders are more conventional in private homes.


As of 2015, Both Best Buy's Geek Squad and Sears Home Services offer repairs on Frigidaire front-loading washers. It is also possible to fix many washing machine problems at home using do-it-yourself techniques.


Common problems with the Frigidaire washer include the formation of mold in the unit, along with the washer's tendency to damage clothing. Frigidaire washer users also commonly complain about problems with the unit's motor and the high cost of repair.


Repairing a Frigidaire front-load washing machine can be as easy as replacing a blown fuse in the circuit box or as complex as installing a new belt or motor. The difficulty of the repair depends on the cause of the problem.


Frigidaire washers are available for purchase at national retail stores such as Lowe's, The Home Depot and Sears Outlet. These retail outlets carry various models of Frigidaire washers, including front-load and top-load machines. Some stores feature Frigidaire laundry c...


Frigidaire washer parts can be purchased on the websites for Repair Clinic, Part Select and Sears Parts Direct. All of these websites provide shoppers with a list of parts available for Frigidaire washers, accompanied by the manufacturer’s part number and prices, as of...


Front loading washers smell because of mold formed by water collecting around the rubber door gasket. As of April 2013, nine court cases had been filed against Whirlpool for unpleasant odors emitted by front loading washers.