A common flower that symbolizes friendship is the beautiful yellow rose. This flower was chosen as the national symbol of Friendship Day. Giving a bouquet of yellow roses to someone means that you wish them great joy and... More »

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According to Joy's Florist, the alstromeria flower symbolizes friendship and devotion. Named after Baron Claus von Alstromer, alstromeria flowers range in colors that include lavender, white, orange and pink. The flower'... More »

Find out the meanings of different flower colors by looking at florist websites or websites that specialize in symbolism. While flower color meanings are generally similar, slight differences exist depending on the sourc... More »

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According to Joy's Florist, pink lilies symbolize devotion and friendship. Giving a friend pink lilies represents the importance of the friendship. Pink stargazer lilies symbolize prosperity, wealth and romance. Pink sta... More »

The pineapple traditionally symbolizes "welcome" and hospitality, as well as friendship, generosity, and other forms of social warmth and graciousness. This is particularly true in the southern United States and in areas... More »

The tiger lily is often used as a symbol of friendship. However, it is also used as a symbol of wealth, pride and prosperity. If the lilies are orange, they represent passionate love. More »

Traditionally, a yellow rose stands for friendship, according to Morrison Gardens. Yellow roses are commonly sent when the occasion calls for roses but not romance, such as sympathy messages or to thank a co-worker. More »

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