According to the Mayo Clinic, skin friction occurs when the skin is resistant to motion, which in turn can lead to bedsores and skin injury. Skin friction is a common reaction to the skin being dragged across surfaces. S... More »

The top 10 common running injuries include the following: runner's knee, stress fracture, shin splint, Achilles tendinitis, muscle pull, ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome, side aches and blisters,... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Breaks & Sprains

The flap of skin covering the region of the elbow is the olecranal skin. It covers the olecranon, which is the medical term for the bone comprising the elbow. More »

A friction lab report is a lab report that describes the results of an experiment involving some aspect of friction, or the resistance of motion as two items move against one another. Lab reports contain detailed write-u... More »

Sliding or kinetic friction is the drag force that results from two surfaces being pressed against each other while moving in relative motion. The sliding coefficient of friction is the dimensionless factor of this press... More »

In roller coasters, friction is a force that opposes motion and significantly slows the cars as they move on the track. While it is easy to believe that friction is bad for the ride, it is one of the forces engineers con... More »

The main source of attraction between two metals, or adhesion, is what causes friction, and any increase of friction requires an increase in adhesion. Friction itself is the force of resistance against two objects as one... More »