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To breed freshwater Angelfish, start by adding 6-12 juvenile Angelfish to a 55-gallon tank. Then, wait for your fish to start pairing off with each other, which should take around 6 to 12 months. You'll know when 2 of your fish are paired when they start staying close to each other and getting territorial with other fish.


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The common freshwater angelfish, Pterophyllum scarlare, are so easy to breed that you may find yourself as an accidental angelfish breeder when you suddenly spot a pile of eggs in your tank.If your angelfish have started a family without help from you, this information and tips will help you help the parents continue to care for their eggs and fry.


Freshwater Angelfish. Possibly the most recognized freshwater fish in the aquarium hobby is the Angelfish belonging to the family: Cichlidae. Admired for their graceful swimming behavior, angelfish can make a stunning addition to a community aquarium.


Breeding Freshwater Angelfish. One of the reasons these fish are so popular is that they are very easy to breed! When introduced to a school, Freshwater Angelfish will pair off naturally. Once paired, they will set aside a territory for themselves and mate. When you see that your fish are paired off, you can prepare them for breeding.


How to Breed Angelfish? – Beginner’s Guide to Breeding Freshwater Angelfish. Breeding angelfish is a rewarding experience that can have its challenges, especially if you’re not familiar with the species or if you’re a beginner aquarist.


Breeding. Angels form a stable monogamic couple. As a rule freshwater angelfish lay their eggs on some vertical surfaces: snags, flat leaves, even tank glass. Breeders often put some cones, plastic or ceramic tubes for the fish to lay its eggs on them. Just like all cichlids, care about its offspring.


This is a video and photo journal of breeding my freshwater angelfish. This is just a little project I started and have documented along the way. Hope you enjoy!


Domestic freshwater angelfish are the result of many years of selective breeding of various color attributes such as background body color, stripes, spots, marbled color (orange and black), and even operculum (gill cover) pigmentation.


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