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This fun knitting idea makes you go back to your school days. You will be amazed how a simple tool can knit charming hats, rugs, and blankets. The technique is also known as corking, French or mushroom knitting. How to Spool Knit For this, you will need a knitting spool, spool knitter or knitting Nancy […]


DIY Spool (French) Knitting: After much online research about spool knitting (DIY versus buying a kit) and very little in the way of step-by-step graphics, I decided to attempt my first Instructable to show you how to MacGyver your way into the knitting world. 1. Find a fai...


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The French knitter also known as a knitting nancy or spool knitter is a fun way to make an i-cord. Great craft project for kids! Learn how to make an i-cord using the French knitter.


22 things to do with French knitting My daughter has a French Knitting ‘doll’ and has made many lengths of French knit but we’ve not really been sure what to do with it all. She’s been using it for dolls and toys etc but I went searching through Pinterest (as you know I do) and came up with these little beauties.


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How to Use a French Knitter: The other day, I post an Instructable on how to make a cheap and easy French Knitter with a paper towel tube and popsicle sticks. This Instructable will now show you the basics of using a French Knitter to make a nice long yarn cord.


French knitting is also called spool knitting, loom knitting, corking or tomboy knitting and can be done using different versions of the same tool (sometimes called knitting Nancy) to produce a type of cord or i-cord as some people call it.


How to French Knit. If you'd love to learn how to knit but struggle with using the needles, start with a knitting dolly. To French knit, you simply wrap yarn around a hollow dolly that has pegs at the top. Work the yarn around the pegs to...