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A fur hat worn by married Hassidic men on Shabbat and holidays. Slouch: Generic term covering wide-brimmed felt-crowned hats often worn by military leaders. Less fancy versions can be called bush hats. Sombrero: A Mexican hat with a conical crown and a very wide, saucer-shaped brim, highly embroidered made of plush felt.


A French hat is commonly called a beret. This type of hat is round and flat and is typically constructed of a very soft material, such as cotton, hand-knitted wool, felt or even acrylic fibers. The French beret is well known as a symbol of the military in France and Spain.


Types of Hats An Alphabetic List A - D. Below, you will find a list of many different types of hats that have been recorded in the history of Millinery. While this is not a complete list, I am still discovering more as my research continues and I suspect that I will be researching for the rest of my life.


How to say hat in French What's the French word for hat? Here's how you say it. French Translation. chapeau. More French words for hat. le chapeau noun: cap, tall hat: Find more words!


This is an incomplete list of headgear (that is, anything worn on the head), both modern and historical. Herakles wearing a hat. Ancient Greek Attic black-figure olpe , 550–530 BC.


This hat got its name from the French word 'cloche' which means bell. As said earlier, cloche was invented by Caroline Reboux in the early 20th century. Cloche hats can have their brims slightly turned up, can be wide- or narrow-brimmed, or have no brim at all. Some state that this hat resembles a helmet (no brim).


TRAVERS English, French From an English and French place name that described a person who lived near a bridge or ford, or occasionally as an occupational name for the collector of tolls at such a location. The place name is derived from Old French traverser (which comes from Late Latin transversare), which means "to cross".


You’re thinking of the beret (pronounced ber-ay; the “t” is silent). The origin of the beret is actually not French, but Spanish, specifically Basque, from northeast Spain. The finest berets today are still made in Basque country from virgin wool,...


1940s hats were both a continuation of the popular styles of the 1930s and new additions to the casual headwear in the form of the beret, turban, headscarf and snood.Women’s hats in the 1940s were a diverse collection of styles largely pulled from different times in history. To list them all would be one monumental task. Instead I pulled together over 20 of the most common styles for the ...


French Last Names. The use of last names in France, like in much of Europe, didn't become necessary until the 11th century, to differentiate between people the the same first name. It was pretty easy to adopt any last name you wished until 1474, when the king decreed that all last name changes had to go through him. ...