A French hat is commonly called a beret. This type of hat is round and flat and is typically constructed of a very soft material, such as cotton, hand-knitted wool, felt or even acrylic fibers. More »

The tall chef's hat first gained prominence in the 16th century when it was similar to those worn by monks. At this time, chefs, like monks, were persecuted for creativity, and they often had to hide in monasteries along... More »

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A French cocked hat, also known as a bicorne or tricorne, was a type of hat worn from the 18th century into the early 20th century, typically by military and naval officers. The bicorne is most commonly associated with N... More »

A knit hat can be stretched by soaking it in warm water and detergent, wringing it out and stretching it to the desired shape. To keep the hat stretched to the desired shape, put it over an object such as a jug or bowl. More »

Raylan Givens always wore a Stetson hat in the hit FX TV show "Justified" simply due to a preference for the attire of the Old West. He was also known for wearing the stereotypical Western tailored jeans and cowboy boots... More »

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A straw hat stiffener is a substance that seals, hardens and reinforces the outer structure of straw-like materials used in the millinery trade, such as sisal, paglina and sinamay. Straw hat stiffeners are either lac-bas... More »

There are several ways to shrink a fitted hat, but heat is the key factor in the process. Most hats are a cotton blend, and cotton is fairly easy to shrink. It's actually difficult to keep a hat from shrinking. More »