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Parkour Classes Near You! Below is the current list of parkour gyms, I know of, that provide classes. Click the image or link to learn more about


Our “Parkour for Kids” program is totally unique to the DC Metro area. Urban Evolution offers four levels of Parkour for Kids: PicoPK program for the youngest kids ages 4-5 (no intro class required) NanoPK program for younger kids ages 6-8 (no intro class required) Kids Parkour program for kids ages 9-11 (Kids Intro to Parkour prerequisite) Youth Parkour program for youth ages 12-14 (Kids ...


Mixed Open Gym. Ages 9+ Held intermittently at each location, this is an opportunity for kids (at least 9 years old) and adults to train together! Our classes are typically split by levels and ages, so this is a great opportunity for everyone to come together, or families to have the chance to train. Adult Open Gym. Ages 16+


Parkour gyms are beginning to emerge but are still a bit hard to come by. If you’re interested in getting professional instruction, try a quick Google search for parkour programs or gyms in your area. The American Parkour Academy is based in Washington, DC and we have Affiliate Gyms in Minnesota (Fight or Flight Academy), Florida (StrikeGym ...


Locate a Nearby Parkour Gym Finding The Best Parkour Parks and Training Areas In Your City A sport developed in France by Raymond Belle, Parkour incorporates obstacle course training that is rigorous and military in style. The goal is to get from one point to another without assistance and in the fastest way possible. The…


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Locations. Apex School of Movement is a world-renowned educational organization with roots and specialties in parkour and related movement practices.


We’re now in a world where parkour videos and parkour fails are near constant in day to day life, where the difference between parkour and freerunning is a favourite go-to for internet trolls on YouTube and where it’s no surprise to see parkour in the world’s biggest blockbusters or even people asking about parkour shoes.