The secret handshakes of the Freemasons include the Boaz, the Shibboleth, the Jachin, the Tubalcain and the Ma-Ha-Bone. Each one is associated with a certain degree, or level of attainment, in Freemasonry. The handshakes... More »

Some common Masonic hand signs are the sign of the pyramid, the Masonic handshake, the devil’s horn and the hidden hand. These common Masonic hand signs show fellow Freemasons that a person is a member of the organizatio... More »

Prospective Freemasons should contact their local Masonic lodge or the Grand Lodge of their region to begin the process of joining. The basic requirements for membership include being a freeborn man of good repute and la... More » World View Religion

The Handshakes section of the website has information on Freemason secret signs, such as the Sign of an Entered Apprentice, Sign of a Fellow Craft and Sign of a Master Mason. The book, "A Ritual of Free... More » World View Religion

Masonic rituals include funeral services, the hoodwink, handshakes, passwords and signs. Lodge members conduct public funerals and memorial services for deceased members upon request. Masons do not reveal the secrets of ... More » World View Religion

Freemasons in the 21st century say their fraternal organization is not nearly as secretive as many believe, with only a few elements of their conduct, such as a handshake and meetings themselves, being confidential. They... More » World View Philosophy

Common nonverbal communication in England is a handshake to greet someone, kissing or hugging to greet a very close loved one, provide adequate personal space and not staring at others as they see it as rude. The peace s... More »